Whitney Middleton

Image & Creative Direction

Jamila Woods HEAVN HERE

Jamila Woods closed out the 2018 Redbull Music Festival with a 4 act theatrical production of her groundbreaking album HEAVN. The performance would feature award winning poet performances, dancers, hiplet ballerinas, a full band, & the Chicago Children’s Choir on stage.

Jamila contracted me to costume the entire show. I conceptualized a rewind through the album cycle and the many wardrobe moments that punctuated HEAVN’s rise. With vital funding provided by RedBull, I engaged local designers to create refreshed versions of HEAVN classics.

With over 60 costumes in total, my team and I rehearsed and executed a production that was akin to a full scale musical. What resulted was an epicly touching visual masterpiece that brought hope & joy to the city Jamila loves.