Hi, this is Whitney.
My mission is to cultivate the purest form of self expression. Through wardrobe, I have experienced the influential power of style that is true.

My personal style has long been a refuge for my unique spirit. It often expresses what words cannot. With this at heart, I work with my clients to communicate on a deeper level - with clothing.

Wardrobe speaks in silence and amplifies the show. It is a cathartic canvas on which to create a visual representation of the soul. It is as the music itself - it is sacred.

My role as creative partner is to bring a highly detailed and insightful perspective to the wardrobe arts. I accomplish each project with a team of the best and brightest craftspeople, designers, stylists and storytellers. The goal is to support my community by creating rewarding job opportunities rooted in the arts. 

I believe I was born to create iconography. Through my work alongside the most innovative independent artists of our time and guided by my intuition, I have cultivated a process for this mission that is like none other. My art is based in wardrobe, but I’d rather be slightly undefinable. As Einstein once said, “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.”

Thank you for visiting my website. Please stop back for updated work samples or reach out to me via email at: whitneymwardrobe@gmail.com


Chicago | Las Vegas | LA

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