Whitney Middleton

Image & Creative Direction

Hi, this is Whitney.

I am a multifaceted artist & intuitive with a lifetime of experience in the performing arts. I am a rebel, a renaissance woman, a seeker, and an entrepreneur. I am a writer and born communicator with 16 years of dance, choreography & theater training, 9 years of instrumental music, a business degree, over a decade of project management, production & visual branding experience, and 8 years in the wardrobe arts.

Wardrobe has always called to me because it speaks in silence and amplifies the show. It is a cathartic canvas on which to create a visual representation of the soul. It is as the music itself - it is sacred.

My role as creative partner is to bring a highly detailed and insightful perspective to image & creative direction. I accomplish each project with a team of the best and brightest craftspeople, designers, stylists and artisans. The goal is to support the communities I serve by creating rewarding job opportunities rooted in the arts.

I believe I was born to create iconography. My main missions are to cultivate the purest form of self expression and to put on a show. Through my work alongside the most innovative independent artists of our time and the unyielding guidance of spirit, I have created a process that is like none other.

Still, I prefer to remain undefinable as an artist. As Einstein once said, “the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” 

Thank you for visiting my website. If my mission resonates with you, call 424-230-1725


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